Our Mission

A band of groovalos playing for an audience of groovalos

Our mission is to foster healthy music ecosystems and equip creative musicians to thrive.

Sometimes it can feel like music only exists as packaged entertainment created  by named groups and individuals - in fact, it is a vast, often anonymous phenomenon rooted at the heart of our humanity. Let's celebrate the musicians we love, and do everything we can to equip the wider, wilder world of music in our communities and beyond.

We connect music lovers with active communities of creative musicians.

For every artist or band, there are friends, influences, and mentors who play a vital role in shaping the sound we hear. Through our curated record selections and monthly Liner Notes publication, we invite the listener into that world. By immersing ourselves in scenes, we gain deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultures and communities our music comes from.

We include musicians and their communities in our success.

We share profits from our business directly with the musicians who contribute, and constantly look for the most effective ways to grow grassroots community music. Plans to be announced include charity partnerships, direct funding of creative projects, and even active campaigning.