5 Jazz and Improv picks for Bandcamp Friday

Bandcamp is one of the best platforms out there for creative musicians and independent labels to sell recorded music directly to fans. Where artists already have the channels to reach new fans, then the infrastructure Bandcamp provides is second to none. And with Bandcamp Fridays in particular - where the platform foregoes their own commission on sales for one Friday every month - few have done as much to support the wider world of independent recording musicians than they have. In fact, these were one of the main inspirations for setting up our own ethical vinyl subscription service.

To celebrate this Bandcamp Friday, here are some jazz and improv bandcamp pages to check out. Next month we'll round up some punk selections...

Corey Mwamba

Mwamba is currently one of the most important commentators, thinkers, and creators in the world of improvised music. His bandcamp page offers a subscription to support his work: an endlessly inventive stream of horizon-wide ideas, projected aloud via swirling electronics, vibes, and vocals.

Cath Roberts

Roberts is one of the hardest working performers, composers and promoters out there - and has been responsible for some of the most fun to come out of a baritone sax in the last decade (at least!). Her personal bandcamp is a rich, fascinating archive of improv gigs - raw recordings of raw performance. Generous, and breathtaking. Alongside Dee Byrne, she also runs the raucous DIY label Luminous whose physical releases are frequently accompanied by hand-crafted visual materials.


Dave de Rose / Agile Experiments

Some of the best vinyl around comes on limited runs of white label wax. Dave de Rose's Agile Experiments series is the perfect example: mind-bending grooves, outer space adventures, and heady jams - sometimes untouched, and sometimes chopped up and refried. You have to be fast to snap up each vinyl release, but luckily for the rest of us the digital versions live on!


Knotts / MacCalman / Pope

This is an album of our times. The introverted, thoughtful performance is stunningly relatable. There is charming dialogue between MacCalman and Pope, and Knotts is a glorious vandal. Her sonic spray paint is the perfect embodiment of how human hands will use algorithms as an agent of chaos. 


The Golden Age of Steam

James Allsopp is a monster of British contemporary jazz. Frequently the highlight of any lineup, his dazzling solos - ranging from contortionist-on-a-rollercoaster consonant melody to kaleidoscopic skronk - have stolen shows for years. He is also in Rick Simpson's band for our December release of the Groovalo Jazz and Groovalo Deluxe subscriptions.

Featuring an all-star line up of Alex Bonney, Kit Downes, Tim Giles, and Ruth Goller, this much anticipated latest release from The Golden Age of Steam is set to be a crucial addition to the music - released this Bandcamp Friday, and not to be missed.


Bandcamp and Groovalo - what's the difference?

So what's the difference between Bandcamp and Groovalo? Bandcamp is a platform where artists can sell their music. Groovalo is a fair vinyl subscription. When you subscribe, we send you a box with an artist-curated vinyl record and our zine Liner Notes every month. More importantly, we pay musicians through a profit share (in addition to buying their albums). If you're up for supporting your favourite genre, and for musicians picking your music (instead of algorithms), check out our subscriptions and grow your record collection organically.